Show Reel | Vinegar Hill

Real Stories. Real People. Real Moments.
We intentionally keep our team small, allowing us to stay lean and agile, able to pursue stories that really matter. We’ve made films for some of the most influential brands in the country. Netflix. Discovery. Google. Microsoft. Jack Daniels. Cub Cadet. Brown-Forman. Huffy. We really care about our work. We want it to be beautiful. Meaningful. Real. Call it schmaltzy, but we like to think of our films as handcrafted. We’re an Emmy nominated production company — a rowdy gang of misfits, muppets, and storytellers who create commercials, films, and branded-content.



Vinegar Hill is:
Ian Murphy
David Altrogge
Michael Hartnett
Jennifer Brown
Andrew Calvetti
Mary Kuehn