Tell Stories. Do gOOD.

Vinegar Hill is a production company and storytelling outfit. We make documentaries. Our films have been featured by the LA Times, HuffPost, CNN, BBC, and NatGeo. We believe that film has the power to do good. Every year, we dedicate 5% of our revenue to produce at-cost films for up-and-coming non-profits that inspire us.

David Altrogge   (Director, Partner)

David Altrogge (Director, Partner)

Michael J. Hartnett  ( Director, Partner)

Michael J. Hartnett (Director, Partner)

David Altrogge & Michael Hartnett have been making films together since 2007. Their work is thought provoking, inspiring, entertaining, and deeply human. In addition to filmmaking, they love the following: The Muppets, Glen Miller, iced coffee, sushi, Legos (Michael), Uno (the game, not the restaurant; David), and local news.

Mary Kuehn   Project Manager

Mary Kuehn
Project Manager

Stephen Turselli   Producer

Stephen Turselli

Andrew Calvetti   Editor

Andrew Calvetti

Ian Murphy   Co-Founder

Ian Murphy